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Erm... a horse?

A space marine on a horse! There's no real reason for this except that I had this metal horse laying around and wanted to do something with it. With 40k, there isn't much opportunity to work with horses, especially now that rough riders have been removed from the Astra Militarum Codex. So the idea of a space marine captain on a horse is interesting, I think! The legs are from the Space Wolf thunderwolf kit, and the head is from the space wolves pack kit. There are other parts from custodes and Forge World kits. For the base, I created the rocks using resin in a temporary mould. I've painted him as a captain of the Knights of Blood, a Blood Angels successor chapter who have been declared renegade.  
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Order of the Hammer

This post sees me show off three new models. These are three henchmen for Inquisitor Coteaz. Two are some models I found on eBay, from another manufacturer (the ones either side of Coteaz), and an old metal GW model, on the far right. They are based on the road base to match Coteaz and the other models in this warband. These models are very nice. They are clearly sculpted to blend in with the 40k universe, and make  excellent aides. One is carrying an ornate bolter and wears a pseudo-catholic headpiece: the other has a bionic arm and carries some sort of barrel or bomb. They are certainly unique. The other model is a classic astropath model.      Since they are part of Coteaz's warband,  let's see them all together:

Vroom vroom

This week, I have finished a Black Legion Rhino! This is my second one, and it looks slightly different to the first - it's good to avoid identical miniatures, even with vehicles. Very easy to paint, it's one of those miniatures that's make me think, "why didn't I paint this earlier, instead of leaving it on the shelf for months?" Well, it's done now!           Here it is alongside my existing rhino!

Zoom Zoom

Hey folks! I am feeling enthusiastic about miniatures again. My mental state has been strange over the last few weeks, and I haven't had a lot of interest in miniatures. I suppose my mind has mostly been full of other hobbies, which is fine, but sometimes I look at my unpainted minis shelf and feel sad that I don't have the enthusiasm to paint them!  But it now feels like the enthusiasm is coming back and I spent a solid chunk of time painting this Stormhawk Interceptor. I already had the model, painted up in the Divine Exorcists scheme, and so I've redone it to fit in with the new Minotaurs army.  Amusingly, I thought I had finished and set it up to take photos. When I looked at them, I realised I hadn't repainted the base! The original was dark grey or black ash waste, and so I had to take it back to the painting desk and give it the proper Minotaurs colours! Now it is done!  It's a nice aircraft - I think it's one of the better designs of aircraft that GW pr


I got these little mausoleums as part of the Mortal Realms magazine collection. I haven't actually been collecting it: I just bought this issue (and one other) because it seemed like a good deal.  I plan to use these in games of 40k, since they have the appropriate amount of gothic adornments and skulls! A basic paint job, as I normally do with scenery. I usually keep the colour scheme muted too, so that models stand out when placed next to them on the table.  

New and used cultists

Traitor Commissars! Hooray! What a cool model. What I like most about this is the power fist! Yes! A cultist model with a power fist! So I painted it brown. Not sure why... It's a unique model and I'm glad to finally have painted it and added to my Black Legion ranks.    Since there are always cultists to paint, here are some more. Six more cultists to bulk out the ranks. I think have nearly 80 Black Legion cultists now!

Salamanders Command Squad

Here's another squad in my series of squads that accompany heroes. This time it's a squad of Salamanders to go with my Salamanders Captain. There are two regular metal marines (with the flamer and bolter), a metal apothecary, a kitbashed sergeant, and a rescued banner bearer, who has lost some detail in my slightly botched attempt to strip it of its paint.  My favourite part was painting the banner, which came out rather nicely. I painted the flames first, using some paintings of fire for reference, and then painted the dragon over the top.     Here they are with Captain Paeco Grenzistus