Saturday, 19 October 2019

Eye of the Hawk (not the wolf)

Just a short one today: this is Wolf Lord Erik Hawkeye of the Space Wolves. Another addition to my collection of Space Marine "Captains".

Not much to say, except he was a nice conversion out of whatever Space Wolf parts I had in my bitz box. I tend to buy random bitz that I like the look of at the same time as placing an order for something specific, and a few of Erik's parts were acquired that way. So he was just birthed out of looking through the box and realising I had enough parts for a cool looking Wolf Lord.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Minotaurs terminator squad

Hooray! Today is an exciting day! I have finally completed a squad of Minotaurs Terminators! Previously I had finished a land raider one terminator and a sternguard veteran, so it feels great to now have a squad of terminators to ride in that land raider. This is squad is led by Sergeant Miliadi, who wields her storm bolter and power sword. The rest of the squad are equipped in a fairly standard way, with power fists and storm bolters, a chainfist and a heavy flamer. 

It might be a while, but for this army I also plan to have a captain in terminator armour, a terminator assault squad and a cataphractii terminator squad (and of course the rest of the sternguard veteran squad).

I am one satisfied hobbyist right now! 

And here they are with their Land Raider.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Rise up, minions of Chaos!

Dark Apostle Taroth has come to convert you to Chaos! My friend, Martin very kindly sent me this Dark Apostle. He only wanted the dark disciples, so he parcelled up the Apostle with some other bitz and sent it from Germany to the UK, and I have now finished painting it. It's sure better than my previous apostle, who looks pretty goofy. Taroth will join my Black Legion force and be responsible for riling up all the lovely cultists in the army. He's unconverted, but I repositioned his head, inspired by another model online that I thought looked better with the head facing forwards.


Saturday, 21 September 2019

Crushed by the tracks of the space marines

Things are starting to ramp up again, and I've finished my Minotaurs Land Raider! So far, the Minotaurs consist of one Terminator and one Sternguard Veteran, and now this Land Raider! This is one I bought off eBay, already built, for quite a reasonable price. Unlike a lot of the 2nd hand vehicles on eBay, this one was not painted with a thick layer of awful paint! This was just sprayed black. I added the Minotaurs icons (from ShapeWays) and painted it up. Once again, the bronze was quite tricky, but I got there in the end. 

I'm really looking forward to painting more Minotaurs now. The army is going to look great once it starts actually, you know, being an army!

Sunday, 15 September 2019

The Grey

I'm back! Sorry I've been away... I actually started a new relationship and it's quite a distraction from painting!
However, I managed to finish a squad of... drum roll... Grey Hunters!
"Ooh... aah."

These are mostly models given to me by a friend and I have repainted them, along with building a few more models using some old metal bodies I had. Space Wolves are quite an interesting colour scheme. The grey is very easy to do, but the yellow... damn, you need a lot of layers, and if you get any black or grey on it, you have to go go over that with white then lots of yellow. Very time consuming! I'll be making about three squads of Space Wolves, based on what bits I have laying around: these, a squad of Blood Claws and some Wolf Scouts, along with a Wolf Lord. 

Saturday, 3 August 2019

A image of heresy

It's been a while since I finished something for The Bloodstorm, my huge army of Khorne, so it's nice to be able to say that this model is complete. This is Strojov√° Mysl, Archmagos. His technological knowledge is responsible for much of the wargear used by the The Bloodstorm, and so he is deemed indispensible to Lord Krev Grazl's plans. This doesn't stop him going to war, however, where he obliterates followers of the Corpse Emperor with his meltagun, flamer, mechatendrils and power mace!

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Librarius Conclave

I've always been a fan of small cohorts of characters: I particularly like how the original Apocalypse rules had formations of Librarians, Captains and Chaos Lords who worked in tandem with some sort of special bonus. Beyond the obvious gaming fun, the images of groups of characters standing on mountain tops and posing were inspiring to a collector. 

Creating such groups hasn't been difficult, because generally like collecting characters. I have a lot of them! I never had many librarians though, until I created the custom 'Divine Exorcists' chapter, led exclusively by librarians.

With that in mind, here is my latest librarian, Lamestin:

and the Librarius Conclave of the Divine Exorcists:

until next time!

Eye of the Hawk (not the wolf)

Just a short one today: this is Wolf Lord Erik Hawkeye of the Space Wolves. Another addition to my collection of Space Marine "Captain...