Saturday, 22 June 2019

Woah, there's a lot of detail on that.

...that's what everyone says to me when they see this model!

The Lord of Skulls is an iconic model in the 40k range. Everyone knows its daunting features and its ridiculous, over-the-top design... and everyone loves it!

I picked this one up from a local gamer and it was already built. I probably would have posed it a little more dynamically, but it doesn't matter... it's a Lord of Skulls, for Khorne's sake!

This took a very, very long time to paint. It's literally the biggest and most challenging model I've painted. The order in which I did things was actually very important, because accidentally getting paint on a carefully blended armour plate would have been a lot more catastrophic than it would on a smaller model, given how long each plate takes to paint. So I started with all the metal structure and washing that but not highlighting. Then I painted the red armour plates, then all the trim and other parts before highlighting. It worked out well. I always had a wet brush on hand to wipe away any stray paint from the armour plates, and this happened a few times! I even managed to get red paint all over the tracks at one point because I put the model down on my newspaper that was covered in wet paint. *facepalm*

Still.. eventually it was finished, and what a relief! It's always a great feeling to finally finish a large project, and now I can proudly show off this fantastic centrepiece! Enjoy looking at it!

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Come together, angels of blood

Hey all,

It's finally time to show the completed Blood Angels army. I posted the dreadnought recently, and following that, I just needed to paint one squad of tactical marines and then the army was complete. 

They look good as a complete force, even though the tactical marines are painted to a basic standard. I went to town on the characters, since they are models I really love and they are where viewers focus their attention.

I hope this helps some newer painters or painters trying to finish an army quickly to see that you don't have to paint every model to perfection. You can paint your troops quickly (it helps if you choose a simple colour scheme) and then do your best with the centrepiece or character models and you'll have an army that, when assembled together, really looks the part. 

Now time to put them to the test on the battlefield!

Not bad, considering they started like this, ey?

Chaplain on bike

Death company (left) and tactical marines




Saturday, 8 June 2019

Blood Angels Dreadnought

Today's first model is a dreadnought for my Blood Angels. The model is the one from the Assault on Black Reach boxset, which I love for its easy to build nature! I did a fairly quick job, and I was trying to keep my paints thin, which I believe is the next step to improving my painting. The banner pole comes from an old metal chaplain model, I think.

The second is an Ork Nob. I'm very slowly building a modest Ork force. This is Ork number 2!

Saturday, 1 June 2019

The Phalanx of Inekhet

My Necron army is finally complete! After much work, I have finished my first Xenos army. The Necrons have fascinated me for a while now. I always liked their style of combat - stalking across the battlefield, spraying tendrils of gauss energy into every living being. 

I have created an army from all my favourite models, including the towering Monolith and the fearsome Shard of the Nightbringer, and my enigmatic Overlord, Inekhet.

I added a little green light to the display for effect, and edited the background. I hope you enjoy the images!

The army is led my Overlord Inekhet

Second in command is this Lord.

The Immortals are one of my favourite units, with ability to dispense immense firepower. The Shard of the Nightbringer looms over them, ready to wreak havoc in close combat.

The triarch stalker adds some mobile firepower.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Sons of Sanguinius (bank holiday special)

Today is an update on my Blood Angels project, where I try to create a 90s feel, with some classic models and goblin green bases.

I'm really pleased to have finished another model that I've coveted for a long time. I painted this Blood Angels Captain almost exactly as shown on the cover of the second edition box set, exchanging yellow for gold to keep him up to date. I also ignored the black flames as I consider them a bit dated now. I think my highlighting has improved a bit, and I even got some nice white reflctions across the power fist and right arm.

I finished a command squad too, and this features a few unique models - the company champion is based on a metal chaplain and the marine next to the apothecary is based on a death company model. As with all the mainline troops, these are finished with goblin green, flocked bases, although these are 32mm bases, just because they look cooler. I'm mixing my retro and modern aesthetics here... hehe

The rhino is a classic rhino with modern Forge World doors. The paint is not perfectly smooth because I had to strip it and stripping sometimes leaves you with an uneven surface, either because some paint won't come off or because you scratch the surface while scrubbing it. Despite this, I think it looks very nice and perfectly in keeping with the rest of the army. This project was never intended to be super high quality anyway. If that sounds odd, just note that I paint a lot of models and I don't paint every single one to the best of my ability. I divide my time up so that models I love get more attention than, in this case, a roughly stripped old rhino that will transport some quickly painted OOP space marines!

The army is nearly finished now. Just a dreadnought and another squad of tactical marines to paint and... I will assemble them for a group shot. I was going to say 'and they'll be finished,' but we all know that would be a lie... *wink*

Sunday, 26 May 2019

The very first Minotaur

For years I have wanted an army of golden space marines, and now I have started the journey towards fulfilling that dream! The bronze armour was experimental, but worked out well. The base is retributor armour, then many layers of vallejo bronze, followed by zenithal highlights of vall. bronze mixed with gehenna's gold, then runefang steel edge highlights. I'm really satisfied with it! This will be the first army where I paint every model individually to my highest standards, rather than painting in batches and aiming to paint quickly. That will mean it takes time, but given the army is a low model count, it should be a reasonable trade-off between time and results. 

(Yes, there are a couple of errors here but I have spotted them and will be tidying them up!)

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Winged Lord

This Lord of Khorne was created in a rather whimsical moment as I looked through my bitz box and realised I had some parts that would go rather neatly together to make an impressive model. Parts from the wrathmonger kit, the skullcrusher kit and the possessed kit went together to make this hulking gladiator of Khorne. He is a member of the Black Legion, named Nemurak, and he leads lightning raids on enemy fortifications to eliminate their leaders.

Woah, there's a lot of detail on that.

...that's what everyone says to me when they see this model! The Lord of Skulls is an iconic model in the 40k range. Everyone knows it...