Saturday, 20 July 2019


Today's model is a simple little dwarf  - a fyreslayer! I picked this model up from a bitz store on a whim, thinking it would be fun to paint, and it was! No conversion here; I just put it together and painted it up with a simple colour scheme. It was interesting to see if I could produce the lava glow effect on the base, and it came out okay, even if I think I could do better next time.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Face of the Gods

Hey all, this week is just one more model for my little Necron Phalanx. This is the beautiful transcendant C'Tan. The paintjob is quite simple, with a white undercoat followed by Hexwraith Flame and then Lamenters Yellow glaze. The effect is very pleasing and, aside from a little bronze on the collar, I just left it there!

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Another Minotaur: Sternguard Veteran

Today I can show you the second Minotaur space marine. This one is a sternguard veteran with grav gun. The model features parts from the vanguard veteran and sanguinary guard kits, and I think it works well as a piece, with a dynamic pose.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

The Warmaster arrives

Ooh, this is an exciting post! My Black Legion army is at a point where I feel able to show it off! The key thing is that my new Abaddon model (from Wargame Exclusive) is now finished and ready to lead the forces of Chaos into battle.

This army comprises a range of models that I've painted since my early days of collecting. For example. the terminators are OOP metal models I bought back in about 1998 and first painted red to go with my World Eaters army, then repainted in Black Legion colours, then repainted again and put onto 40mm bases for the modern generation. There are some Seekers of Slaanesh that are the only survivors of an Emperor's Children army that I otherwise sold. Then are more modern creations such as my Chosen (mixing Dark vengeance models with both previous and current "tactical" Chaos Space Marines and other parts, and my huge array of cultists, who are made of Forge World renegades, plastic cultists, Necromunda gangers and many other kits. Converting cultists is a hell of a lot of fun! Oh yeah... almost all of them are converted in some way! There's also a Hell Blade, Forgefiend, and various other models you may recognise from previous blog posts.

This army will definitely be added to... it's the nature of the Black Legion to continue assimilating troops and engines of war, and I have no plans to stop that tradition. For example, I bought the Shadowspear box (there's one model from that box in this picture) and will add some of the models to this army, and I will make more cultists since I have loads of cultist models and parts still in boxes. I'll probably pick up some more interesting models too, like Thousand Sons or that new Chaos Lord on the daemon engine. I mean... I have loads of other things to build and paint, but it's nice to have dreams, ey?

Abaddon the Despoiler


Hounds of Abaddon

The Fallen... and some gribbly looking Spawn!

Terminators! Beware!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Woah, there's a lot of detail on that.

...that's what everyone says to me when they see this model!

The Lord of Skulls is an iconic model in the 40k range. Everyone knows its daunting features and its ridiculous, over-the-top design... and everyone loves it!

I picked this one up from a local gamer and it was already built. I probably would have posed it a little more dynamically, but it doesn't matter... it's a Lord of Skulls, for Khorne's sake!

This took a very, very long time to paint. It's literally the biggest and most challenging model I've painted. The order in which I did things was actually very important, because accidentally getting paint on a carefully blended armour plate would have been a lot more catastrophic than it would on a smaller model, given how long each plate takes to paint. So I started with all the metal structure and washing that but not highlighting. Then I painted the red armour plates, then all the trim and other parts before highlighting. It worked out well. I always had a wet brush on hand to wipe away any stray paint from the armour plates, and this happened a few times! I even managed to get red paint all over the tracks at one point because I put the model down on my newspaper that was covered in wet paint. *facepalm*

Still.. eventually it was finished, and what a relief! It's always a great feeling to finally finish a large project, and now I can proudly show off this fantastic centrepiece! Enjoy looking at it!

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Come together, angels of blood

Hey all,

It's finally time to show the completed Blood Angels army. I posted the dreadnought recently, and following that, I just needed to paint one squad of tactical marines and then the army was complete. 

They look good as a complete force, even though the tactical marines are painted to a basic standard. I went to town on the characters, since they are models I really love and they are where viewers focus their attention.

I hope this helps some newer painters or painters trying to finish an army quickly to see that you don't have to paint every model to perfection. You can paint your troops quickly (it helps if you choose a simple colour scheme) and then do your best with the centrepiece or character models and you'll have an army that, when assembled together, really looks the part. 

Now time to put them to the test on the battlefield!

Not bad, considering they started like this, ey?

Chaplain on bike

Death company (left) and tactical marines




Saturday, 8 June 2019

Blood Angels Dreadnought

Today's first model is a dreadnought for my Blood Angels. The model is the one from the Assault on Black Reach boxset, which I love for its easy to build nature! I did a fairly quick job, and I was trying to keep my paints thin, which I believe is the next step to improving my painting. The banner pole comes from an old metal chaplain model, I think.

The second is an Ork Nob. I'm very slowly building a modest Ork force. This is Ork number 2!


Today's model is a simple little dwarf  - a fyreslayer! I picked this model up from a bitz store on a whim, thinking it would be fun to ...