Saturday, 22 June 2019

Woah, there's a lot of detail on that.

...that's what everyone says to me when they see this model!

The Lord of Skulls is an iconic model in the 40k range. Everyone knows its daunting features and its ridiculous, over-the-top design... and everyone loves it!

I picked this one up from a local gamer and it was already built. I probably would have posed it a little more dynamically, but it doesn't matter... it's a Lord of Skulls, for Khorne's sake!

This took a very, very long time to paint. It's literally the biggest and most challenging model I've painted. The order in which I did things was actually very important, because accidentally getting paint on a carefully blended armour plate would have been a lot more catastrophic than it would on a smaller model, given how long each plate takes to paint. So I started with all the metal structure and washing that but not highlighting. Then I painted the red armour plates, then all the trim and other parts before highlighting. It worked out well. I always had a wet brush on hand to wipe away any stray paint from the armour plates, and this happened a few times! I even managed to get red paint all over the tracks at one point because I put the model down on my newspaper that was covered in wet paint. *facepalm*

Still.. eventually it was finished, and what a relief! It's always a great feeling to finally finish a large project, and now I can proudly show off this fantastic centrepiece! Enjoy looking at it!

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