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Eye of the Hawk (not the wolf)

Just a short one today: this is Wolf Lord Erik Hawkeye of the Space Wolves. Another addition to my collection of Space Marine "Captains".

Not much to say, except he was a nice conversion out of whatever Space Wolf parts I had in my bitz box. I tend to buy random bitz that I like the look of at the same time as placing an order for something specific, and a few of Erik's parts were acquired that way. So he was just birthed out of looking through the box and realising I had enough parts for a cool looking Wolf Lord.


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Alternative Bloodthirster models

If you look back through my posts, you'll see I am a big fan of Bloodthirsters. I have completed six so far, and have two more on the way. I'll make a post to showcase them all together once the last two are completed. You'll notice that there are many conversions and alternative models in the group. Xanakionahr is a an alternative model, from Ultraforge Miniatures, and I stumbled across the model almost by accident. It's difficult to find alternate miniatures sometimes, because clearly the manufacturers can't use GW's IP to advertise their products. So it takes some research to know which models are available to you as alternative miniatures. Therefore I thought I'd make a post that brings together all the models that I know are available as alternative bloodthirsters. Some might be intended for use in another game system, but if it looks like a passable bloodthirster, I have included it. If you know of any more, please leave a comment and, if they're s

Fabius Bile and Retinue

This is Fabius Bile, the twisted former apothecary, and his retinue of enhanced Chaos Space Marines. Fabius was painted a long time ago, but I have touched him up a bit, repainted his armour, the chirugeon and needler. The marines  are mostly the classic enhanced marines that you might recognise from back in the day. One, the aspiring champion, has a chirugeon backpack without the chirugeon arms. This one is an Imperial space marine in Mk V armour, with Chaos arms and backpack. This is a Slaaneshi marine, equipped with a plasma gun.

Salamanders Command Squad

Here's another squad in my series of squads that accompany heroes. This time it's a squad of Salamanders to go with my Salamanders Captain. There are two regular metal marines (with the flamer and bolter), a metal apothecary, a kitbashed sergeant, and a rescued banner bearer, who has lost some detail in my slightly botched attempt to strip it of its paint.  My favourite part was painting the banner, which came out rather nicely. I painted the flames first, using some paintings of fire for reference, and then painted the dragon over the top.     Here they are with Captain Paeco Grenzistus